Personal Development

Art of Living
Kriya, a breathing technique, is taught and helps cleanse the body. Meditation and Happiness training.

The Hoffman Process
Group personal development.

Jeannine Marzella, PhD

NLP, hypnotherapy, intuitive and other therapies

How to OM Course | OneTaste

For Women and Men (sexual content) over 18

Mama Genas School of the Womanly Arts

For Women

The Queens Code
For Women

Landmark Education
Group seminars, western style education and personal development in many different areas.

Nutritional Counseling


Dominique has a school and is a culinary nutritionist. She creates specialized recipes and has worked with many Diabetics with great success.

Carpe Diem Wellness

Lisa Jackson, RN has a passion for raw food and for great nutrition. She provides individualized recipes.


Andrea Nakayama provides functional nutrition education telephonically, online and in webinar format.

Medical Specialist

Su Fairchild, MD

MTHFR and nutrigenomics specialist. Boarded in Family Practice. Fellowship trained in Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine. She sees children and adults.

Wes Rocki, MD

Mind Body Medicine, Hypnosis, Chronic pelvic pain